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Brand Story
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“Powered Up Your Mobile Life”. Just like brand slogans, Marakoko has been working hard to improve the quality of life for consumers. As a brand of electronic consumer goods that integrates R&D, design, production and sales under Shenzhen Chengguo Technology Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2015.


The founder began to enter the mobile phone accessories industry in 2000. In the initial period, it mainly sold mobile phone chargers and data lines. When the mobile phone had simple functions, the requirements for chargers and data lines were low, and the prices were relatively low. With the rise of smart phones, demand for mobile phone chargers and data lines is getting higher and higher. The initial low-cost chargers are no longer able to meet the needs of customers, and we have accumulated experience in the past decade with customers.


Gathered the customer's demand points and pain points for the product. With the improvement of living standards, the price is no longer the first point of the customer's selection.


The Red-and-White Color brand style adds elements of Chinese style. It is intended to pass on the spirit of Chinese craftsmen and strive for excellence to create a reliable and reliable product for customers.

MARAKOKO focuses on developing and designing high quality chargers, mobile power supplies, data cables and other consumer electronics products. It has the most advanced technology and innovative capabilities in the market to meet the technical needs of the charging market. The unique product design is close to the user’s live based on aesthetics, thus gaining customers' favor.

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